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Welcome to the Mane Center.  We believe that we have something unique to offer those who desire the best health at a reasonable cost.  Dr. Mane is the founder and Director and brings a wealth of experience, science and success to the practice.  Going far beyond typical chiropractic care, to those who choose the Mane Center for their health needs.

A high percentage of the time, if a patient has a persistent condition and standard conservative care does not help, we have the knowledge, experience and technology to get the optimum results.

Getting back to good health – and maintaining it!

The effectiveness of any treatment depends on the quality of the treatment, the expertise and experience of the clinician, the cooperation of the patient and the severity of the disease process.   In order to optimize chances of the best results, it is highly recommended that the patient maintain optimal health to reduce the likelihood of developing disease as well as benefiting from your attempts to reduce or eradicate the disease process.  When disease develops, begin by seeking treatment at the earliest onset of symptoms utilizing the experience of a well qualified professional who starts with the least invasive process that utilizes the bodies innate ability to heal itself is the best approach to healing.  By doing this, the disease is less likely to progress.   If the disease has been left untreated for a long period of time, or progressed rapidly, you should still start with the least invasive approach, one that does not cause damage to other health systems and organs.  In cases where the body is unable to return itself to health, then drugs and invasive procedures may be required.  In these circumstances the patient needs to be particularly diligent in boosting the body’s health in order to reduce the damage caused by more aggressive treatments.  Our goal is always to eliminate or reduce your dependence on medication wherever possible.

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