Children’s brains do not reach full maturity until around the age of 25 depending on the person and anything that may halt, slow, or change developmental processes can really affect a child’s life. These can include factors such as drug use (prescription and recreational), head injuries, and emotional abuse.

Recently the movie Concussion has brought a lot of attention to head injuries and how sports organizations like the NFL are handling these issues. Parents nowadays are much more aware of the dangers of head injuries as well as being more concerned about their child’s safety. i9 is a youth sports organization that recently surveyed its over a million participants. They have found that a huge concern of modern parents is their child getting a concussion and how it may affect they’re development. 537/537 parents said that their child was in some way affected by a concussion during a youth sports event or practice. This is concerning as it can change your child’s performance in school, their personality, and even their progress socially. head injuries

A University of Massachusetts poll recently surveyed Americans showing that 78% of them feel contact sports, tackle football in particular, are not safe before the age of 14. The sad part is that a lot of youth athletes feel injuries such as these are almost like battle scars and are proud because they feel it makes them more “tough” or “macho”.

This is ingrained in children’s mentalities just as much as football is ingrained in the culture of the United States especially in Southeastern states like Florida, Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma. As a parent its difficult to make the decision of allowing your child to play contact sports; they beg you to play and you want them to join the other kids but your worried about the state of their health both mental and physical.
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