For men over 40 the worst part of the year is going to get your yearly physical. This entails blood tests, a thorough examination, and the worst part is the prostate exam this entails both a rectal examination and analysis of specific protein produced by the prostate.prostate exam
This exam is often put off and avoided by many men. A new study shows that over the past decade the percentage of rise in men for prostate cancer is at an alarming 72% increase. This study was published in the Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases Journal by Nature. Another alarming finding is that the level of PSA (prostate specific antigen) had nearly doubled in 2013 meaning that men are being diagnosed after further progression of the cancer than in 2004.
This has lead many experts to believe the aggressiveness of this form of cancer has increased and is continuing to grow. Although these findings may be alarming the good news is that prostate cancer very rarely spreads before being caught by the diagnosing physician.
The study found that only 3% of cases had spread to other parts of the body or in medical terms become “metastatic”. Dr Edward Schaeffer the lead for this study is adamant that “PSA screening and Rectal Exams save lives”. For men in the United States Prostate Cancer presents a large health risk and without proper and regular testing and examination can lead to issues of impotence, incontinence, and death.

This type of cancer is extremely common with 240,000 men being diagnosed every year and 30,000 lives being claimed just in the United States. Men, please be sure to get your yearly physicals including these exams, it just may save your life!

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