Weight Loss Program


Are you heavier than what you should be in relation to what you eat? For example, are you starving yourself only eating 1000 calories a day and you are still gaining a pound a week.

Have you tried stimulants (phentermine), commercial diets such as weight watchers, Nutri-system, Jenny Craig, Dr. Jay Garcia, Dr. Bernstein and gained it all back?

Have you tried all the gimmick diets, low calorie, low fat, low carbs and still didn’t lose weight or gained it all back?

You have already proven to yourself that the gimmick diets don’t work and stimulant pills either give you unwanted side effects or are only temporary with rebound weight gain.  You are the type of patient we want and can help. Especially if you are someone who thinks “I just cannot lose weight.”  Perhaps your weight is an expression of your problem and not the problem itself.

Perhaps it is an undetected hormonal (estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid) imbalance or deficiency that is making it so difficult for you to lose weight. You may have food sensitivities, latent infections, absorption issues that are affecting your metabolism and thus your ability to lose weight. We will evaluate these issues first to make sure that you get the maximum benefit and weight loss from our “never feel hungry “weight loss approach.

Our evidence based meal plan incorporates a healthy lifestyle first which leads to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and balanced blood sugar.  This clinically proven program prepares your system for sustained weight loss.

Our approach is a science based, food first meal plan stresses a variety of healthy foods, consumed frequently in order to avoid hunger, decrease inflammatory biomarkers and change your body composition (the amount of muscle and fat in your body.) The program is focused on achieving changes in body composition and weight loss by being healthy first.  We want you to lose fat, not just water or worst case scenario to lose muscle.  Muscle loss, which many times occur with low calorie diets, will slow your metabolism and eventually tend to push you toward weight gain.  Sarcopenia (muscle loss) explains why you might eat the same food at 30 that you did at 20 but now gain weight. This phenomenon, commonly explains why many patients gain back all of their weight once they go off of their “diet.” Our focus on health, body composition and metabolism enables you to lose “fat pounds” and not just pounds while maintaining lean, healthy muscle mass.

We coach you on how to eat good foods, more frequently so as to have more energy with less hunger.  By following our guidance your blood sugar and insulin levels will be stable reducing your hunger and the need for willpower.  Once again, you should not be hungry!  Therefore you do not need appetite suppressants and the risk associated with them.  You make the lifestyle change naturally and this promotes permanent success.  We guide you on good fats and good carbs relative to the glycemic index but you get to make the choices based on your food preferences.  We will guide you meal by meal with delicious recipes and hold your hand if that is the level of support that you wish.

Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or reduce the need for diabetic medicine we will support you with a personalized program that moves you toward your desired goal.

You have been told that if you eat properly and exercise properly you are certain to lose weight. But that is not the whole story and perhaps that is why all the diets and exercise programs you have tried before have failed.

The truth is there are other factors which can strongly influence your ability to lose weight as well as to feel healthy and have energy.

Why should you lose weight?

Obesity in our society is prevalent at an alarming rate. Obesity is linked to many chronic disease such as diabetes, gallbladder disease, heart disease and hypertension, depression as well as cancer of the colon, prostate, breast and ovaries among others. These obesity rates and chronic diseases are now even infiltrating our children. Many times however it is not the risk of disease and diminished quality of life that motivates us but the social stigma that obesity carries with it.

Our Approach

 Metabolic Rate, Body Composition and Optimum Health and Function

Metabolism, quite simply, is the conversion of food to energy.  Metabolic rate is a measure of how much food, or fat, is converted to energy in a day. Resting metabolic rate is the measurement of how much food, or energy, is required to maintain basic body functions such as heartbeat, breathing, and maintenance of body heat while you are in an inactive  state. That energy is measured in calories per day.  Therefore, resting metabolic rate measurement shows how many calories you burn doing nothing more than sleeping all day.

Body composition relates to your fat to lean muscle mass ratio.  How many pounds of fat do you have?  How many pounds of muscle do you have?  Muscle burns calories.  Fat increases estrogen levels. Excess estrogen is not healthy for a man or a woman. In addition, we can determine and monitor how much intracellular water you have as well as extracellular water.  This helps us determine if you’re retaining fluid and gives us clues to help you with your weight loss.

We will calculate your body composition, metabolic rate (and therefore the calories you should be consuming in order to reach your personal goal) as well as intra and extracellular water on every visit in order to monitor you appropriately and make sure that you’re moving toward your goal efficiently.  This way we can make modifications on a timely basis so you can achieve your goal as fast as possible.

Metabolism is the true key to weight loss.  What if you have a glitch in your biochemistry that is keeping your metabolism low?  Do you know if you have food sensitivities, blood sugar dysregulation, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, hormone issues relating to cortisol, leptin, thyroid hormones and estrogen?  Do you have auto immune dysregulation that you are completely unaware of? Do you have antibodies attacking your own thyroid gland (the thyroid is responsible for the overall level of your metabolism) or pancreas (the gland responsible for the production of insulin?)  Is your cholesterol high?  Is that the problem or the sign of a more complicated problem?

Once we determine that you do not have any of the above issues holding you back we personalize a lifestyle therapy and eating plan geared toward your specific metabolic rate and body composition.  In addition, we will again guide you toward the most effective ways to exercise in order to boost your metabolism.  Here is the key “It is not how much you eat but how much you burn” that is important.  This does not require hours and hours in the gym doing aerobics and cardio that you don’t have time or energy to fit into your schedule.  How much exercise you do or don’t incorporate into your plan depends on what your goals are and how fast you want to get there?  Ultimately, once again, the choice is yours.

We can show you what the proper eating habits for you to achieve your goal. This is not a low calorie diet, zero carbs (Atkins style) or low fat diet. We never want you to be hungry while on our program. The minute you are hungry, your metabolism has slowed down. We will show you what fats to eat, what carbs to eat and how much protein. Our evidence based program is designed to prevent from having a Yo-Yo diet weight gain return once you have reached your goal weight. There are no appetite suppressants with their potentially dangerous side effects. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE HUNGRY!!!

Our doctor is well trained to root out any of these problems that may be holding you back from losing the weight that you want to lose.  If this makes sense to you and you are interested in finding out more call the office at (813)935-4744 to schedule a consultation.  In order to get the most out of your consultation, please bring any prior relevant medical records or laboratory studies, a list of all your current medications and write down any symptoms and questions you may have so that you don’t forget them.  Feel free to bring a friend or family member for comfort and support.